AV:Link EMHF1-RSE – Magnetic Earphones w/HF Rose


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These stylish earphones provide both great sound performance and practicality with their magnetic earbuds and tangle free ribbon cable. An inline hands-free microphone and track control gives you the ability to listen to and take control of your favourite tunes or make and receive calls on the move. There are 4 modern colour schemes to choose from to match the latest smartphone designs and a provided hard-shell carry case to keep your headphones in great condition.

Magnetic earbuds and flat ribbon-style cable for tangle free storage
In-line hands-free microphone and track control button
Gold 3.5mm headphone jack for optimum performance
Compatible with iOS and Android devices
Supplied with hard-shell carry case and 3 sizes of earbud



Speaker : drivers:    10mmØ
Sensitivity:    98db±3db
Impedance:    32 Ohms±15%
Frequency response:    20hz-20khz
Microphone : sensitivity:    -42db±3db
Cable : length:    1.2m
Connector:    3.5mmØ


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